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5 Ways to Advertise Your Business for Under GHC300

Advertise Your Business
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Because of limited budget, most small businesses do little or no advertisement, which is no fault of theirs. To advertise your business, there are some solid cheap advertising ideas out there that are more effective than you’d think? And most importantly they can be done for just under GHC 300.00.

Ways To Advertise Your Business Under GHC 300.00

Business Cards

As far as the design goes, you can use a create your own. If you’re designing your own business card remember to keep it simple and also include your taglines and contact information.

You can equally outsource the designing for not more than GHC 100.00.

You can also pay a small fee to local restaurants/cafes/businesses to leave your cards at the counter. This is a cheap way to advertise your business.

Facebook Groups

Facebook gives you a lot of variety of advertising options. Advertising in Facebook groups is one of those ways; whether free or paid. With $30 and some good targeting, you could reach plenty of target customers.

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You can also create your own Facebook group. As a small business you have the option of putting one in a buy and sell category.

Email Marketing

Email marketing works best when it’s regular and consistent. There are many great low-cost tools, like MailChimp, SendInBlue, CakeMail, etc that will allow you to send professionally crafted emails. You can even track open rates, clicks on links and visibility to those who unsubscribe.

Advertise Your Business
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Social Media Ads

You need to define your goal before you start. Facebook and Instagram are the best places to start because they have a lot of options. For just $30, you can reach thousands of prospects.

Each platform has its own metric that you can use to gauge the effectiveness of these ads. There are a few tricks to make these ads more effective.

First is narrowing down your target audience to get more engagement. Making sure your ads have a catchy image is good no matter what social media platform you’re using.

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Visuals like infographics are effective ways to advertise your business. Canva, Google Charts, Venngage are some of the free tools you can use to design your own infographics.

It’s also a good idea to start by introducing your message with a brief summary.

We hope this article will help you to try these cheap advertising ideas. Don’t forget to share this article.

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