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5 Top Tips for Deciding the Best Social Media Platform for your Business

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The growth of social media in that last decade from a place of just comments and likes into a marketplace is no doubt a great place for entities particularly small businesses to growth and generate profits.

The journey to mastering your social media marketing plan as a business or brand does not only take time but real dollars spent in order to know what works and what doesn’t. Highly essential is knowing the best social media platform to focus on!

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In here we take you through the 5 top tips to help you navigate this social media jungle in finding the right platforms with the right strategies that works and delivers growth and profits.

Understand the Nature of the Social Media Platforms, The Audience, Your Primary Target and Demographics.

The decision of which Social Media Platform to primarily focus on should begin with your evaluation of the offerings of that platform. Aside the clear distinction between LinkedIn being a structured platform vs Facebook/Instagram which allows for greater reach for Videos and Images. Twitter is quite an interesting place; know the dynamics and have gold. YouTube a pro-video platform would definitely now do well for a pro text business.

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If your business is largely targeted at the senior citizen of the society, then do not expect to do well on Instagram that plays home to the ages of 18 to 35 minimum. The large amounts of Africans on Twitter are all about the fun and the trolls, is that where you want your business to thrive? Do an extensive research about the demographics of the platform, is it pro males or females and does that work best for your business? Best is to research about the platform as well as the nature of the audiences as well as what types of contents thrives best there before you jump in.

Learn and Understand your Competition!

The best way to know how profitable a social media platform is towards the growth of your brand is to identify your competition and understand their social media journey on the various platforms.

Evaluate the nature of their contents on these platforms, their posting times, the level of engagements they are receiving, what is working well and what’s not. A clear situational analysis should help you move to the next stage to know where to put your efforts for maximum results.

Set Goals and Strategies for Each Platform

Learning and understanding your competition is enough to model what you want to do for which to expect maximum returns. Goal setting is key to unlocking the strategies that is needed for each platform in terms of the they type of content, the timing of sharing these contents as well as the frequency of posting.

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Consistency is vital after knowing what times to post to get the maximum level of engagement to either get visitors to your interact with your products or services to conversion of leads. The decision to choose a platform should be aligned with your brand’s message, a clothing startup may not have that much traction putting out visuals on LinkedIn but would do great on Instagram and with quality leads.

Be interested- Partake in Sharing Knowledge in Discussions

My platinum advice to you: Please and Please let go of the Caption “Buy, Buy and Buy”. Focus on taking part in discussions from which you share quality and valuable knowledge from the industry you play in as well as relevant/related expertise that you are privy to. This helps the community.

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Platforms like Quora provide you with enormous opportunity to share knowledge and at the same time allow for self promotion. Share solutions and not always selling products. Join groups and share valuable knowledge and this would go a long way to build credibility around you and your business.

Go for Gold! – Email Marketing is Still Solid.

The best way to crown your social media efforts and keep close contacts with your followers or audience is through an email list. A social media account user surely has a email account and even if you get un-followed or un-liked, the email provides a sure way to re-target these audiences with a much more accurate message.


Social media is where your customers live and with the average person spending over 2 hours out of their day one a mobile device or desktop scrolling, liking, commenting or sharing. It’s safe for me to say its the most highly effective marketing strategy in vogue now and most importantly for small businesses without the corporate backing and huge budgets.

Drive your business on the right roads and apply the brakes where it needs be, surely you will growth and profit. If you do need help setting up or pushing that brand or business. Send us a message here or on our Facebook Messenger Inbox.

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