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5 Things You Nor Know About Communication For Relationship Inside

How you dey mange your communication for the relationship inside dey hia waa. If communication nya die nor, life finish for the love inside.

verbal and non verbal communication

Once communication start dey slow down, or e start dey fade, then unexpressed feelings, rejection, bitterness then emotional distance start dey bury the relationship.

You then your partner fit stay the same roof unders but if the communication no be great wey e dey touch vein for your body inside wey e sanso no dey reach deep inside your soul, you people go dey miles apart.

Communication be very important for relationship inside, but how exactly e dey work;

You For Learn Am –

We all be different people wey how everybody dey communicate plus people too be different too. You for understand what dey work give your partner, you for ask questions then sanso be sensitive.

Words, i dey mean sweet words dey move people, some too, the way you dey watch dem for eyes inside if you dey talk plus dem dey move dem pass.

cozy communication inside a relationship
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Gidigidi dey job give your ex no mean say e go job give new partner. She go love am if you give am gentle words. Wanna point be you for learn how you for communicate plus your partner specially.

E Fit Start Slowly –

Communication then trust check like rice then stew, dem dey walk together., this dey explain why e fit start slowly.

joy moments in the relationship with communication
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As communication dey build on one day at a time, so wey trust too dey build. Wey if trust increase, so nah communication too go increase sake of you plus your partner no dey fear share anything amongst yourselves. You turn gossip partners.

E For Be Total –

You for communicate everything – your emotions, feelings, fears, anger, unhappiness, compliments, concerns, dreams, past, and present plus everything else.

You for ask your partner questions when you dey need answers, wey you for be a good listener when the answers come.

And of course, no secrets for dey.

E Always No Be Fun –

communication with gestures for inside
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We for help wanna partners become better persons, so sometimes you for call out dema bullshit. Times go dey wey your for call your partner ein attention to something e no dey do right, e no go be sweet like the gbeke times you dey cuddle den dey shii toli give each other. The truth be sometimes a bitter pill to swallow, but you just for communicate am.

E Dey Die –

You no fit neglect communication plus like partner, just like how if you no dey water your plant regularly e dey die nu, same way you for treat communication.

Once communication die, the relationship fit follow.

Share with us how you dey manage your communication for relationship inside for the comment section or wanna social media handles.

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