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5 Reasons Doing Marketing Online With a Funnel Strategy Is Still Valid

My good friend Sefa asked me if marketing online with a sales funnel is still valid as of today. And these are the 5 reasons i believe its still valid.


1. Consumers Are Sophisticated

Consumers are more sophisticated than ever before. They do their homework. The take the time to identify their options. And they purchase from businesses they trust.

In other words, selling isn’t as simple as sending people to a landing page and telling them to buy.

And I’m saying that as a copywriter. I get to write these pages, and I still realize (and will happily tell you) that if all you are doing is cold-selling ad traffic, you are going to have incredibly sub-optimal sales numbers.

A sales funnel allows you to nurture leads into customers over time. To put it simply, it provides you with the sophisticated sales process you need to convert sophisticated modern consumers.

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2. The Purchase Cycle Isn’t Instant

Depending on the product or service, the purchase cycle can be anywhere from a few hours to a few months.

You never know where people are going to be in that cycle when they land on your page, so unless you are using a traffic acquisition channel designed to only attract ready buyers, there is a statistical probability that the visitor will NOT be ready to buy.

What happens then? What happens when they aren’t ready to buy right now?

Nothing. They leave.

You probably paid for them to visit, and they just left.

With a sales funnel, that doesn’t have to happen. With a sales funnel, you aren’t trying to get them to buy initially. You are simply trying to catch and hold their attention — to earn the right to market to them by collecting their email address.

Once you have their email address, often by giving them value for free, you can continue to give them value and keep your brand on the forefront of their mind until they enter the buying stage of the purchasing cycle.

At that point, you are the natural choice, because…

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3. A Sales Funnel Allows You To Build Trust

People buy more from people they trust.

That has always been true for non-commodities, but in the past, there was not always ample opportunity to build trust with potential customers.

Online sales funnels solve this problem by providing all the room you need to build trust with your audience.

One of the basic feature of most funnels is an email autoresponder. This is an automated email series that goes out to new subscribers. It allows you to market to them, but most importantly, it allows you to introduce yourselves to them on your own terms and provide them with so much value, they can’t wait to hear from you again.

4. Email Subscribers Convert Like Crazy

Email is the core of the online sales funnel and with good reason. Email has a higher ROI than virtually any other marketing channel.

Email is also approximately 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter, primarily because email subscribers convert at an extraordinarily high rate.

It’s basically the superweapon of the marketing world.

For example, I recently launched a digital career guide to an email list of 265 subscribers and had 53 purchases. That’s a 20% conversion rate, which is incredibly high compared to virtually any other marketing channel.

By building a sales funnel with email marketing at the core, you can take advantage of email’s effectiveness at driving sales to your business. It works for virtually any business type, and it will work for you.

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5. Sales Funnels Increase Lifetime Value

Many traditional sales models are one-and-done type operations. Even if the visitor decides to buy upon reaching your landing page, that’s the end of the story.

With sales funnels, the initial purchase is just the beginning.

Returning customers spend 3x more than one-time shoppers and account for 1/3 of all online shopping revenue, despite making up only 15% of online shoppers.

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