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5 Questions To Ask Your Job Interviewer.

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This is the 4th article in our #EmployedPrenuer series. Links to the other stories will be provided in this one. We’ll be discussing.. 5 QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR JOB INTERVIEWER.

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Why are questions important? During the interview process you’ll be asked if you have a question for your interviewers. NEVER say “No”. Makes you seem inquisitive and it’ll affect your chances with the interviewer even if you feel like you have had a great interview.

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Asking “good” questions will make you seem like a diligent person. It’ll show that you’re sharp and a viable prospect for the role you’re applying for.

Questions to ask Job Interviewer

PS: This is only a guide, always tailor them to suit the role you’re applying for.

Questions To Ask Your Job Interviewer;

1. What Opportunities Are There For Career Progression?

It’ll show that you’re serious about a long term future with the firm. Companies spend a lot of money on recruitment and training employees and as such they want employees who are interested in a long term future with the organisation so they get to recoup their investment. Apart from this, it’ll make you seem like an enthusiastic person who strives for the best and will be a great addition to the company.

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2. What Do Most People Find Challenging About The Role?

The question shows you’re already mentally preparing yourself for the role and the answer would also give you some insight into some of the tougher aspects of the job before starting.

3. Does The Company Offer Training and Development?

Any question related to development shows that you’re looking for longevity in the role and you’re looking to improve your own skill set which makes you an asset for the employer.

4. What Sort Of Results Do You Expect From a New Employee In The First Month of Employment?

Asking performance related questions shows that you’re conscience of the expectations of the new organisation and you’re keen to deliver.

5. Do You Have Any Reservations About Hiring Me For This Role?

This question I would implore you ask only if you feel like you have had a great interview, or it might come across as too forward. But if you feel like you have really flowed and connected with the interviewer then this is a good question to finish off the interview. If the interviewer does answer, it gives you a chance to try to overcome such reservations before you leave the interview.

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An interview is all about selling yourself, and if you find yourself at this stage, you already have a good chance of getting the job, so relax and try to make it a conversation.

Being able to talk yourself up without sounding arrogant or over confident is an art and you should practice interviews as much as you can.

Sometimes you can even take an interview for the job you don’t need just to sharpen up your skills for the one you really need. There’s a saying, “Practice makes perfect.” This also applies to the art of taking interviews. I wish you all the best!

Share with us in the “Comments Section” below some questions you feel we should add. Always looking forward to your contribution.

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