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5 Important Career Questions That Is Worth Asking Yourself

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The first question you should ask is what’s the difference between a career and a job? A career is something that takes you into the future. You build up skills and knowledge that take you onto higher paying and higher status opportunities. 

A job is something you go to each day, normally to put money in your pocket, to get the job done and go home. You tend to live more in the moment and may change to a number of different jobs over time.

The average person will work from the age of 25 to 65. They will work around 48 weeks each year and 37.5 hours each week (probably more in today’s working climate). 

When it comes down to actually going after a more fulfilling career path, there are better questions to ask than, “What’s my passion?” You need to think more concretely about your motivations, needs, skills, and what you’re willing to do–or give up–in order to find that great opportunity.

This is our 5th article in our #EmployedPrenuer series.

Here Are Five Career Questions To Ask Yourself. 
1. Why Do I Want To Pursue This Career?

Your answer should never be ‘because Andrew is making millions’ from the said career. Remember, you are not Andrew. Also, your strengths and weaknesses differ.

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2. To Continually Grow In This Career, What Education Do I Need To Succeed?

Unless you are comfortable with pushing paper in the office and not grow, then it’s okay to waive this question. Not all careers require only experience to grow, for many, you’d need some education.

3. What Kind Of Personality Thrives In This Career? Should I Work On Any Of These Personalities?

– Do I like to work alone or in group?

– Am I a follower or a leader?

– Do I like team work or I prefer to be in competition with others? etc.

4. What Jobs Are Available In This Field?

Because you watched a movie where an Aerospace Engineer became successful doesn’t mean there are jobs for you in the said field. Check the statistics in your country before you make the move.

5. What Skills Do I Possess That Will Make Me Thrive?

How does my hard and soft skills align with the skill sets required to succeed in this career? This will help you know where you have an upper hand and what needs improvement.

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Ask yourself these questions, reflect on your answers and see where your career path takes you.

Leave us a comment if you think there is/are questions we missed out.

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