5 Best Chatbots to Check out for your Business


This is 2019, and if you haven’t heard of Chatbot Technology then allow me to fill you in as well as recommend the best 5 to check out for your business.

What is Chatbot Technology? This is a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence(AI). As a noticeable feature, a chat bot interacts with your customers as a real person. This technology is very advanced to enable chat bots interact with each other too.


Alright then, you now know that there is a 50% chance that the messenger or chat replies you may have had from a service provider could be from a chat bot. But as an online business owner particularly e-commerce, can you be physically available to answer all queries from customer and improve your conversion rates? No!!! Even so, as a small business owner, can you afford chat agents like the other big corporations?

General Features and Benefits of a Chatbot for your Business

AI is to make our lives better and much more make running a business easier. Here is a list 10 amazing features and benefits of having a chatbot for your online business.

  1. Chatbots welcomes visitors to your website/store. This is very important as it shows your care and availability to attend to all concerns. This is to start a relationship.
  2. Thanking customers for making a purchase! An appreciation for bringing you business. This is to build a relationship and show trust.
  3. Instant alert to customers who abandon their cart or abandon filling a specific form. This is to boost revenue by instant re-marketing.
  4. Send messages to returning visitors and help build stronger relationships.
  5. Prevent visitors from leaving the site/store. Usually comes with a polite message before a visitor closes a page. This is to ensure increase in the time spend on the site and also make sure the visitor has found what he/she came for.
  6. Provide additional product info and/or answer frequently asked questions. This cuts down on customer service agent costs or time spent by business owner answering repetitive questions.
  7. Automate running of special or repetitive promotions/offers on products/services and also notify visitors as such.
  8. Add UTM tags to customers who visit specific pages, collect their contact info for re-targeting to improves sales conversion rates.
  9. Helps shorten the waiting time to reach a physical agent. This is an offer of a chat with the bot than leaving a message at the contact page.
  10. Ask for an email to schedule a meeting when the bot is unable to get instant resolution to queries or request for a phone number to schedule a call with the visitor. This also works perfectly for all your re-targeting and re-marketing efforts.


5 Best Chatbots for your Business

Below is the 5 Best Chatbots that can provide you with a good proportion of the above features and benefits for sales revenue growth and profits. Note that this is our personal best 5 and they are not ranked in any particular order.

Mobile Monkey Chatbot
mobile monkey chatbot

This is a certified Facebook Messenger Partner and an official WordPress Chatbot plugin provider.

This offers a wide range of features in its free version. With a starting price of a discounted $19/Month for its Pro Version, there is a lot of possibilities with it when it comes to getting leads, sales and contact list building.

Their Facebook Messenger Chatbot is known to get businesses up to 154% increase in engagement rates, quadruple your leads and reduce Cost Per Acquisition by a whooping 97%.

Mobile Monkey provides an easy to set up chatbot for your website in their numerous platforms for integration.

botsify chatbot

Botsify comes with heavy brand endorsements such as Shazam and a welcome message that reads “LET YOUR BOT CHAT LIKE A HUMAN – INCREASE SALES BY 30% AND REDUCE COSTS BY 80% USING AI.” This chatbot provides a 14-day free trial then $50/Month($520/year) for a self managed bot or $300($3300/year) for a fully managed bot. Great benefits include;

Easy set up and In-app integrations

Creating a bot that aligns with the nature of your online business is very easy to set up with Botsify and you do not need any techie or codes to set it up. And in-app integrations is handle by Botsify on the client’s behalf. Available integrations include;

  • Alexa Integration
  • WordPress Integration
  • Shopify Integration
  • Zapier Integration
  • Facebook Messenger

Ease of Take over by a Physical Person and a Machine Learning Ability.

Turning off Botsify temporarily access to Business owner to interact with the customer is very seamlessly. Teaching the bot to learn and respond to queries in your way is quite tricky but the great thing is Botsify creates a log of all questions it failed to answer then evolves to answer them in the future.


Tidio Chatbot
tidio chatbot

With an assurance to convert leads into customers automatically, Tidio offers a free service to up to 100 monthly capped visitor chats and up to 3 lifetime access for operators. For a Paid plan Tidio starts at $15 monthly fee for up to 5000 visitors. Tidio requires no Tech savvy expertise to set up, download and follow prompts – no codes processes. The unique features include;

  1. Cart Management – Send messages/mails to users who abandon their carts.
  2. Easy integration with your Facebook Messenger.
  3. Easy to set up on your website, particularly WordPress.
  4. Custom Welcome Message, Creating tags on visits and multi language customisation.
  5. Email list builder.
acobot chatbot

This chatbot also does not require any coding experience, it uses AI to allow users to create their own chatbot to engage with visitors. It requires a 3 step process to get started; provide your website’s url, choose a name for the bot and its appearance then go live by copy and paste of the given single line of java-script code.

Acobot offers a 15 days free trial and first month free service when you subscribe to $99/Month. It also offers $950.4/year and a $1663.20 for lifetime access.

Acobot has a voice enabled service and allows you to choose an avatar which is known to bring 4.9% more chats and more leads than real person photos.

collect chat bot

This is another easy to set up chatbot with a set of generated codes to embed into your website or as a widget to put up.

Collect.chat offers an easy drag and drop functionality in the building of a bot for your use. The bot can be programmed to interact with your visitors in multiple languages. With its highly interactive interface which employs gifs, videos and handcrafted question templates, collect.chat assures of a 3x conversion of leads.

Other features includes a fully automation that allows your bot to be online 24/7.

Pricing for Collect.chat is quite varying with a free version that allows for 50 free responses and an unlimited number of bots to build. There is a Lite subscription package, a standard and an Unlimited Package that gives you access to all the features of a bot for $219 monthly payable in a year’s lump sum.


The above chatbots all have degrees of automation functionality allowed: user friendliness, ease of setting up as well as varying levels of help it can offer your business. But remember that its powered by AI and Machine learning which is based the primary features of computing- Garbage In Garbage Out.

Fortunately, these 5 bots offer free trials so hey, no pressures at all. Just take each for a spin and remember to bring me the reviews here in the comment box below. All the best in automating your business with these bots.

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