5 Benefits of Using Chatbots for Customer Service


Chatbots are changing the customer service game and this shouldn’t surprise anyone because technology is making work easier and more effective.

Consider the fact that technology is enabling faster response times for customer queries and its faster resolutions.

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How Chatbots Can Help You Increase Customer Engagement.

1: Availability

The biggest benefits of using chatbots to engage your customers is that you’ll be available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week and three hundred and sixty five days a year.

Your customer service agents cannot work throughout the day and night. Even if they run shifts, it will cost you a lot in salary and overtime. Chatbots are inexpensive and can provide customers with answers and resolutions at any time of the day.

2: Provide Quick Resolutions to Pressing Issues

Many people who contact customer service do not have much time to wait for an answer or resolution. Long retention times for telephone assistance and slow email reaction times can destroy the customer experience.

Research shows that 82% of consumers expect to get an immediate response to their sales questions and 90% expect an immediate response when it comes to customer service questions.

There is no wait time to start talking about your issues and to get a resolution when it comes to chatbots. This means faster response times, which automatically results in faster resolutions to customer support issues.

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3: Accurate Answers to Simple Questions

Businesses are creating chatbots with predefined answers and rules for basic and common questions. There are chatbots powered by AI and machine learning technology.

These chatbots can adapt and learn to make their answers more accurate over time.

Mobile Monkey Chatbot

4: Ensure a Personalized Customer Service Experience

One of the benefits of chatbots over humans is that it is a machine, meaning that they can process mountains of information at a glance.

They can provide personalized responses by automatically gathering customer details and history from your CRM. This is highly essential because customer service agents spend some time screening and finding the most appropriate data through their client database.

5: Cross-Promoting Relevant Products/Services/Content

Chatbots can also assist you engage your clients with seamless cross-promotion, which can be executed in a natural and non-pushy manner appropriate to the continuing discussion.

Say a client requires more data about a specific product function, for example. The chatbot could direct them to a blog post or website of high quality that explains this function carefully.

In some instances, chatbot can even discover it suitable to promote goods or services that are consistent with the customer’s existing goods or services.

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Take advantage of chatbots to start delivering a better customer service experience and watch your business flourish.
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