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4 Tips In Choosing SEO Tools For Beginners

It is difficult to be a newbie, isn’t it? You always need to find some benchmarks to not get lost. SEO may become a real trap for beginners as this study is so comprehensive, is full of different methods and metrics.

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That’s why you need to follow some rules in choosing seo tools to use at the beginning of your study:
  1. For the first steps, do not use advanced tools for geeks. I heard that people quit learning SEO when they see Ahrefs. Many metrics, graphs and lots of numbers let you get lost from the first minutes. Try to start with basic parameters and understandable tools, do not try to see too much of the world at once.
  2. Do not spend all your budget on the tool. It is useless to pay for the product which value you do not truly understand. Sounds logical, right? Firstly, try to deal with Google Analytics and then look for free trials for the tools or maybe some affordable ones.
  3. Try to find Lifetime subscription proposals. Companies often offer such deals, so you have a chance to buy something once and use forever (read terms of deal carefully! :))
  4. Look for tools that have manuals. As companies are interested in people to continue discovering their products, they often make some guides to the platforms and help users to get used to the tool (conducting demos, for instance)

So, try to find tool according to these rules. From my side, I can recommend you to have a look at RankActive, an all-in-one toolkit. It is affordable, easy-to-use and has 14 days free trial.

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Moreover, their blog helps a lot when you just start using them. You will learn how to control your rankings, audit websites, look for keywords and spy on competitors.

Good luck!

Credit: Liza Tomilova

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