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In this technologically advanced era, there is a paradigm shift from offline marketing to online marketing and advertising to project businesses. These online tools are effective when well-crafted and thought out, however, that does not render the offline tools dud either. In reality, offline tools are time-tested and reliable. Startups do not have a lot of money in their marketing budget and hence I suggest they stick to smart offline marketing strategies that still bring great ROI.

In this article, we shall look at a few smart offline strategies for startups that will work wonders for your business growth. Offline marketing is a fantastic method to get engaged with your business community and communicate with the people living around you in a more intimate way.

Offline marketing includes everything done without the internet that can help promote your product and business. Any kind of paraphernalia such as business cards, flyers, office stationery can all be reckoned as effective resources for offline marketing.

Due to the huge role of the human element in offline marketing, you need to be sure that your strategy has a personal touch and connects directly to your target market’s desires, requests, and contentment. Below are a few ways to use smart offline marketing strategies to boost your startup.

Print Marketing Is Key in Offline Marketing

Print marketing will always define your offline marketing strategies. It is therefore imperative that all leaflets, booklets, brochures, and tickets that serve as printed marketing material are well thought through and attractive.

Make sure that you print on high-quality paper and use striking and suitable colors. Remember that the first objective of your print marketing is to create interest and pique curiosity, and that has to be attained by just the look of the paper that you will give to your prospective client.

A fantastic designing approach is to make the customer get some value from the marketing material as well. Educational information, reduction codes, product information, match timetables, and useful menus will inhibit customers from throwing away advertising material that you worked so hard and spent money on to print.

Spending time to plan, research to create effective print marketing paraphernalia will be sure to get you maximum profits and help build a brand identity on a minimum marketing budget.

Show Appreciation To Customers

Customers have a long memory and for all the good you have been able to provide them with, it will turn on you in an instant when something goes wrong. Word of mouth is probably the strongest tool in the arsenal of the customer and most business owners have neglected that to their own peril.

Treat every customer with dignity, respect and make them feel pampered. When you this, trust me, your business will grow as they will spread your business far and wide and bring it up in any conversation. Employees play a great part in this process and it pays to find employees to hire who will buy into your vision and help you achieve your aims.

Customer Offline Marketing
Customer Appreciation

Do not forget to show them appreciation. Have you ever sent your customers a note of thanks? Have you ever picked up the phone and called a regular customer to surprise him with a gift for them? This may sound like a cheap tactic but it works and don’t forget the point is to be cheap while maximizing results.

The Business Card Magic Trick

In these times, the business card seems to have become as obsolete as the pager. But the truth is there is still a lot of magic in the business card. Phones, apps and the internet may have dampened their power somewhat but there’s still a flicker of magic dust in there.

But, you should think of your business card as a magic wand that you can use to wave a spell to help you convey the essence of your brand or even your personality. You might start thinking about the business card differently if you are creative enough.

Offline Marketing  Call Cards

Printing can be done on some attractive and interesting surfaces and shapes of late.  So what stops you from making your business card quite the impression rather than only inform. Using business cards is quite an economical method to reach various offline targets.

You might want to consider giving out packs of your business cards to other businesses that are related and may refer clients to you. For example, if you own an auto mechanic business, you may leave your business cards at a car wash, and suggest to refer your clients to them in return.

Aside from increasing your scope to related businesses, personal dealings will expand your links with the community. When using this method, it is a smart idea to use a tracking phone number on your business cards so you can determine how many calls, pointers, or clients your business cards are creating.

Take Advantage of Trade Shows and Networking Events

In an increasingly competitive business world, it pays to know what your competitors are up to and find new trends that look up to shake up the industry. It is very important to attend these conferences and trade shows. It is a simple way to identify with people in the industry and the community, it also provides an opportunity to talk about your business.

Networking is paramount to every growing a startup. The need to get out and know others in your industry and associated businesses cannot be understated. Never miss the prospect of being a part of industry events and talks. Try to contribute keenly to discussions and deliberations, and be sure to get conversations going. This is a prized chance to get seen by the people that matter in the industry.

Getting a stand at one of such networking events to showcase your products or services is a brilliant idea. You can then use this opportunity to share your paraphernalia in addition to purchases made. Be sure to make an impression that will stick with the audience you create as that will last long in their minds and make it easier to connect with you.


Creatively thinking about smart offline marketing strategies makes ideas come out of nothing. Smart Offline marketing strategies are vital for startups that are just beginning to establish their presence. Doing online marketing and advertising is great but comparatively costly so the offline marketing strategies provide an avenue to explore long-standing techniques that work. Look no further for an expert’s help, look out for this button on the button left of this screen.

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Written By: Teddy Simmons

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