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4 Amazing Ways to Promote your Local Business Online

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Are you a new local business or you have been around for while and all you hear these days is online this and online that? Well, sit tight because there is plenty of room for everyone in this rent-free online space!

Do you feel left out in this online business craze where even people without inventories make sales online? You are a local business with physical structures, fully stocked and you cannot get people through your doors to even perform window shopping. Rest assured, you have all it takes to promote your local business online with these amazing 4 ways below.

Sign up for Google My Business for your Local Business

The simplest way to give attention to your business is through listing on Google My Business. In an earlier publication we detailed to you how to sign up for this amazing service.

The most useful bit about Google My Business is that you get to choose between a host of Call to Action buttons – Book, Order Online, Buy, Learn More, Sign up or Call now.

Being on Google means you are listed on an A+ search engine for which your business has an over 80% chance of being noticed globally with the right keyword.

What you might not know is that a good number of people are running search for products and services “near me”. We run a search for the “Best Breakfast Near Me” and you will be surprised the results of the local businesses we turned up. The real question is, “is your business listed on Google My Business”?

“Best Breakfast Near Me”

best breakfast near me local business
Research Industry trends and adopt the Keywords Optimised for Search

“How do I get optimised for search?” This is the question we at AFROSAGES get to hear a lot of the times. This is nothing compared to the tedious work of online SEO strategies but rather easier.

The key focus is to understand what the keywords people looking to buy your type of products and services are using when running searches on the major engines and social media sites. Localising the general search phrases to suit your locality is key to people finding you with ease.

Assuming you are running food services, one of the most recent keyword search phrase is “best food for breakfast in Ghana”.

local business online search

Twisting this to suit your area of business with that fact that you provide breakfast meals. If you are in Accra, simply localise that to read “ best food for breakfast in Accra.” These are the keyword phrases you need to add to your listings contents for the search engines to crawl. The maximum characters allowed for your fore content is 160 characters! Take note of that.

Local Business caught with a Search
Focus Your Social Media Strategy to your Niche and Reach

Social Media is one of the best things that happened to the world of marketing and with its growing numbers, there are a lot of people spending a great amount of time online for which you can promote your local business to.

It has become quite easier to focus your business promotion efforts on the geography your business exists in order to get a good number of customers through the door. This you can do by targeting your social media efforts to the specific audience you want to reach out to and this can be done with less money and with much efficiency for business growth and profitability.

local business promotion
Business Promotion Guide on Facebook

Facebook as well as the other social media platforms that allows ads and post promotion gives you the options to choose a clear description of the audience you want to reach. Targeting your locality and the interests they have is much easier and cheaper with social media than putting money on radio or TV ads.

Ask for Client’s Reviews or Recommendations

The power of reviews and recommendations to a business worth more than a thousand PR or promoted content you can ever pay for. These are the forerunners of your brand or business even in the absence of your dedicated Social Media Posts, Landing Page Content or Google My Business posts.

local business review
Reviews shared on AFROSAGES

Do you know that people trust the recommendation of a friend as well as others who shared their experiences with product or service of a brand/business prior to making a buying decision?

Reviews are golden opportunities for which there is a continuous of word of mouth propagation of your brand’s gospel. Check out the power of Reviews/Recommendations in an earlier an AFROSAGES Publication.

Online Reviews/Recommendation of businesses or brands is a key ranking factor in they showing up in a when a user runs a search for the service or products offerings even with the right keywords or keyword phrases used. These rankings are not just on Google but across all the social media platforms particularly Facebook where are users are running search queries these days.

We urge you to ask your customers to review your products or services or leave you a recommendation detailing their experiences with the solutions you offered them. Encourage it and ensure that you show appreciation when you receive them.


Getting your local business listed on Google My Business and giving it a good description with the right keywords or keyword phrases is key to promoting your local business online.

Adding up a focus on social media ads strategies to soliciting reviews and recommendations surely levels the playing fields for you the local business and competition you may face from the solely online businesses with much hype.

I would recommend you implement these 4 amazing suggestions in your local business to get more competitive, getting more customers through the door for increased sales revenue and appreciable profits. AFROSAGES trusts that you will make the necessary chances to your local business promotion efforts and not be left out of the interesting trends in the digital space.

Got suggestions to add this or need help implementing any of the above, we are available in out chat box to interact with you and help you navigate your way into profits. Do share your thoughts with a comment in the box below or in our Facebook Inbox here >

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