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3 Top Tips to Make Instagram Grow your Business

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Over the last year(2018) and during the Facebook Developers Conference; F8, there has been much talk about Facebook and Instagram with cool add-ons particularly for business growth.

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A research according to Hubspot there are a billion active Instagram users globally of which a whooping 80% follow a business. Take note that, users believe that businesses or brand have niche information to share for which they can learn, aid them with research in order to make informed choice before and during a purchase. This position held by users is good enough for a business that shares value-addition content to get a good following and in turn leading to conversions(business growth and profitability).


Here are 3 Top Tips to make your Instagram page stand out, enable you share niche information and gain you followers(potential clients) for the growth and profitability of your business.

Make your Instagram Page Visually Appealing!

The nature of the Instagram platform is all about visuals and a no text format except the captions. Your followers or people that visit your profile get greeted with Images or Videos and the colours scheme these posts are what determines whether they engage with the profile or they leave.

What makes an appealing profile is your consistency in the type of colours you post in.

It is good to play around with the numerous Instagram filters but when all is said and done, pick one that appeals with the the colour of your brand and stay consistent on it. You do not want to be known as that business with a “just anything goes” profile.

Appearance just with meeting people gives off an impression so the glance of an unappealing profile turns that visitors away; and that’s business out of the door – profits gone and growth stopped. Check out what these super brands are doing and learn a thing or two from them.


Have a Post Plan/Schedule

Are you done setting up a visually appealing profile? Taken cues from the super brands? Understood what your competition is doing best to get that many followers, increased engagement and great sales? Well… that’s just the first step.

After the visual appeal, the next thing a visitor who might soon be your customer to give you sales for growth and profits looks at is your content.

The Instagram feed is much more becoming busier as you may not be the only business in the timeline of that customer. Therefore, posting at the right times is key to getting the right people to give you the right attention(engagement).

The demography as well as the time zone of your target audience counts majorly when you have to share a post that converts for sales revenue. Invest your time and resources in posting each hour just for a week or two just to understand the times of the day that gets you the most engagement needed for conversion. You can get this from the insights off each post.

Another important thing is to have a post plan, as to what to post for the next weeks or next months. We suggest getting a notepad(book) or a schedule on the calendar of your phone with reminders set that carries notes as to what to post.

Next is to come up with the make up of your photos or videos. The advise here is to post what resonates with your brand and appeals to the minds of your target audience. Leverage on providing different types of content for the different types of audience in your following or Target Audience.

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In order to create a conversation or join one, you need to have a proprietary hashtag or identify your brand with one. Check out the importance on these hashtags in our publication here > Hashtags


Create/Curate and Share “Value Addition” Contents

So you have moved to understand the visual appeal, the different types of content to post as well as the timelines to share them.

Next is to create, curate and share contents that adds value to your followers and target audience. Be it pictures, branded images or self shot videos or professionally edited videos, the content must seek to add value to your visitors i.e educative, informative and advocacy focused contents.

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The most important consideration you need to have before sharing your content should be one that bothers on materials that are in line with brand’s objective. Next is to make sure your content of the highest quality video and image and make sure you are putting out the optimal sizes so your audience doesn’t struggle to view or make sense of your posts.

Extra Tips for Growth and Profitability.

We trust that you have gone through these three steps to get you started on a brand new journey to make your Instagram grow your business and deliver profits. Here are some amazing tools to help you plan, schedule, create and share contents that converts.

  1. Canva – Free and Paid Design
  2. Pixabay/Unsplash – Amazing free Stock photos
  3. Life Lapse – Great App for Creating Quick Videos out of Photos
  4. VideoShop – Great Video Editing Tool
  5. Giant Square – Designing grids on your Instagram Profile

In a related publication, we will take you through how to make the most of these tools to increase your engagements for conversion.

Have you tried any of the above and mastered it for growth and profitability for your business. Share your experiences and thoughts with us in the comment box below.

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