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3 Tier Strategies for Great Social Media Posts

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The most important element of your brand’s social media presence is the quality of its social media posts, how engaging it is and it’s ability of being worthy of impact. As easy as it may seem to be able to post anything online, not too many of these social media posts put out align with the brand/business goals nor project their image through value addition to their following or audience they intend to reach. AFROSAGES’ caution to businesses/brands is to desist from posts that are always about “sell”, “sell”, and “sell” approach when it comes to posting online.

From the recent interactions we have had with many of our clients in our quest to enable them for growth and profitability using social media tools and resources brings up the concern of the quality of their social media posts. We felt it is best we use this medium to outline the three tier strategy that can make posts stand out and with the ability to engage the following, provide value addition as well as enhance increased business for sales revenue growth and profits.

5/3/2 or 70/20/10 – The 3 Tier Strategy

Some address it as the 5-3-2 Social Media Post Approach whiles others just call it the 70-20-10 Method of Posting on Social Media, but whichever it is you want to call it, the fundamentals are very much the same as the guide to ensuring you deliver quality posts that adds value.

The 5 represents the 70, the 3 represents the 20 and the 2 represents the 10 to make ratio of either proportions of 10 or 100 total posts put out. Let’s take it one after the other and understand their importance.


5 or 70% of Your Social Media Posts should be Curated!

This is very much simple and straight forward; out of 10 or 100% of posts you put out there should be 5 or 70% of them curated! Unless you are the know-it-all type which we are sure ain’t even as a team! Majority of your posts on social media should be curated, yes posts made by other people.

Curation is by basically sharing other people’s posts that is relevant to your brand or business with clear regard for the following and the audience you want to reach.

Caution: We would entreat you to take note of the nature of your contents. 1. An already viral content means everyone has it and would not generate much engagement or add value. 2. Avoid curated content that speaks about religion or political divides or controversy- neutrality is key. 3. Negative or curated contents that sends derogatory messages should be avoid. 4. It is highly important is to always credit the sources you the info pulled together from in curating your posts.

3 or 20% Self Created Content

3 out of 10 posts you put out or at least 20% of every content you post should be created by you. Nobody understands your brand or business more than you. So making a decision about what content is relevant for posting to sell the business/brand should come easy(it is never easy for many as we have come to understand).

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This is where the stage is set for you to not just be loud with a “sell, sell and sell” message but create content that appeals to the psychological mind of your following or target audience you want to reach in the quest to purchase your products or services which we want to refer to as offering solutions.


Caution: Your created content should be devoid of spelling and grammatical errors. Be sure to dot your “i’s” and cross your “t’s”! Nothing actually stops you from several proofreading or showing the drafts to someone to be sure its okay.

2 or 10% Relaxed and Fun Posts

Always remember that it must not always be about the brand or the business without giving your following or target audience some fun posts to ease the tension out of the moments. Note that at least 2 out of 10 posts or a good 10% of all your posts should communicate fun and relaxation. This is a way to humanize your brand or business by bringing personality to it.

Caution: Your social media posts that go on your pages is an extension of your brand and even though it is meant for social and fun moments remember that you need to put out content that is consistent and related to your physical brand image. You are allowed to post the jokes, the funny clips and the memes but be advised that it needs to be line with the message of your business or brand.



It is highly important that you put out posts but do not be led into putting out content that might hurt your brand, damage the reputation of the business or appear selfish to the following or the target audience. Choose quality content over the temptation of having a lot of posts.

Grow that brand, let it reflect on the sales revenue and the bottom line and let it be known that you made the best out of your social media presence with your posts.

If you are out of ideas, benchmark the big brands you are in the same industry with or look outside your industry to enable you think outside the box to be able to make great social media posts for growth and profitable conversions.

What do you think or know?

Does your business have a strategy for its social media posts? What tips do you have for someone with a fresh start and yet to put out posts? Leave your questions and comments in the box below.

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