Top 3 Potentials of a Charming Hashtag for Your Business

Please do not take my definition for it, Wikipedia defines hashtag as a type of metadata tag used on social networks such as Twitter and other microblogging services, allowing users to apply dynamic, user-generated tagging which makes it possible for others to easily find messages with a specific theme or content – Credit to the inventer, Chris Messina.

The term “hashtag” is by now not new to you with my assumption that you have been in the social media circles for a while now and no longer a thing for only nerds.

Creating a hashtag is the easiest thing on social media, just prefix the symbol # before a bunch of words, numbers or a combination of both. The use of a # has really grown on people as far as its usage on non-microblogging sites like WhatsApp and other Messaging Platforms.

Here are 3 Potentials of having a Charming Hashtag as a Business/Brand.

Top 3 Potentials of a Charming Hashtag for Your Business 1
Hashtags can Help you Market your Business through Awareness

The digital space is getting inundated with millions of content each minute where ideas are budding into businesses with every business on the quest to be recognized and turn its target audiences and followers into customers.

Having or creating a hashtag is a way of getting your in the open for the global audience toacknowledge your existence and hear the tone of your voice. When potential customers or random users run a search for these hashtags, your brand’s content dominates and makes you seen and heard.

A business/brand can have a unique brand focused hashtag for which they can create/curate content to be populated under it, make “noise” about it, hold contests/giveaways and events until eventually, the brand gets to be known for that hashtag as proprietary to it. Consider Nike with #justdoit.

Your brand’s visibility is increased in the social media landscape with consistent usage of the hashtag by populating content under it. AFROSAGES, therefore, advise that you choose one that sells your brand to the world.

A proprietary hashtag provides businesses/brands with a digital footprint on and off the social media platforms for which people relate with it anytime and anywhere.


Hashtags Aid Events Popularity and Promotions with Giveaways

Aside from the opportunity for awareness for your business/brand, hashtags help in getting the participation of audiences in promotions/contests for giveaways and events you run.

Simply asking your followers and people in your target audience to use a particular hashtag for posts provides a real word of mouth referral for your brand and business. This word of mouth referral is with much larger reach and visibility than a paid ad.

hashtag giveaways
Image by Glorife Simon from Pixabay

Mostly communities are usually built around hashtags during events and giveaway contests allowing people to connect with the brand/business as well as other followers. The most popular ones are photo contests and fun moments during festive days and highly patronized events.

Great Social Listening Tool

A hashtag as a social listening tool provides brands/businesses with the opportunity to engage under a common hashtag with conversations started by others. Businesses get the chance to contribute to conversation trends in a community or forum when issues and contents that are relevant to their brand/business are being discussed.

With several brands busting onto the digital scene and providing tailored solutions to users, there is no doubt that your competition is just a second from being unveiled.

Just as there is the quest for most if not all brands to create awareness with the use of a hashtag, it also provides the opportunity to get in-depth knowledge about trends in the same industry your brand/business plays in.

A search gives you insight as to what your competition or collaborators are up to and this should help inform your next response strategy to grow your sales and turn profits.


social media hashtag
Which Social Media Platform Optimizes your Hashtag Choices?

It has been over a decade since the phenomenon burst onto the scene and it is ever growing with most social media platforms using it extensively. A couple of years ago, Twitter was the only place it made a lot of sense to use a hashtag but fast forward several others have like Linkedin have joined the trend.

Twitter since day one lets you see all conversations around that keyword as a tag, Instagram and Facebook are fast becoming the place where contests are run and events attendance numbers are collated with the use of a hashtag and it is a great way to connect with the target audience and grow followers.

Interestingly Linkedin now has a special algorithm that lets individuals, brands/businesses choose hashtags they want to be associated with and in turn, notifies the user/brand/business each time that the hashtag has been used in a conversation or post. This provides these brands/businesses the opportunity to add their voice to the conversation.

It is a great avenue to increase reach and create greater awareness for growth and profits.

AFROSAGES would love to hear from you on how your choice of a hashtag is helping your growth and generating profits. And if there is anything we can do to enable you for further growth and profitability, leave a comment under this piece or Contact us.

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