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3 Great Ways to Advertise in a Facebook Group that Abhors it!

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Ever been blocked from posting your business in a closed Facebook Group? Ever been banned because you went against the no adverts with approval? This is a FIX!

The agenda of groups are largely built around the brand or a topic or interests which is largely at the discretion of the admins. These individuals are also the enforces of order in the group.

facebook group advert ban

I am assuming you are already a member of a Facebook group with an enviable large audience and a no-advertisement policy unless payment made to an admin. Worry no more because in here are 3 ways to get your business or brand’s content you want to advertise into these groups without getting booted out.

Choose to be Interested over Being Interesting

The one most important thing humans love and value is being at the centre of a hype; positive or negative depends on the individual. But for certain, every single user loves to see their posts getting likes and comments – tonnes of them.

A sure way to get your much coveted brand offering (which is obviously a solution to a problem) into that Facebook Group is to contribute to the conversation by commenting on or liking posts that relate with the solutions offered by your brand.


Always remember that, the conversation under which you are to leave your comment or share that like is not yours but for another just as the brand’s solution is not for your consumption but for others. So focus on being interested in the posts and comments of others than yourself.

Give Shout outs – Name Mentions in the Facebook Group

People value their names and take keen interest in even how their names are spelt or pronounced. What you might not notice is that people love to be at the centre of a hype particularly the ones that gets them profile visits.

facebook group mentions

It’s always a win-win situation here, so give mentions and you will also get mentions and profile visits. When you find that posts that speaks to the offering of your brand, resonates with your brand message, do not hesitate to join the conversation with the trending hashtag, a mention of names or items after sharing a piece off your brand’s offer list.


The most important thing prior to getting started with the above strategy is to be sure your profile pages are visitor friendly. Make your messenger button available(choose the right button) and responsive. Your landing pages should be visitor friendly as well as enabled with FAQs answered.

Start Conversations that Inspires Soliciting of Solutions

The ultimate way to get your brand’s message into that group is to be the author of a conversation in that group.

Posts that generate conversations around the topic which your brand ties in is very key to get your landing page link, your brand’s picture or any other item advertisement material into that Facebook group that states “No Adverts“.

Start a conversation! Be interested and Remember to give shout outs.


Ready to Take your Chances?

Before you implement our suggested strategy to get you brand onto that no adverts Facebook group it important you note that users do no like disruptive content as well as a “buy, buy buy!!!” message. It is best you share solutions first and sales later; note that you are supposed to contribute to the conversation with substance.

We would love to read about your success with the use of this strategy and how you are getting leads from such. Share your success stories or otherwise with us on our Facebook Page @afrosages or in the box below.

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