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This is not an AFROSAGES command to you ooo…But a call from the CEO of Edi-C Juice! She wants to take a few minutes of your time to spell out 3 alluring reasons you should drink fresh juice everyday other than your usual.

She asked.

“What’s in vogue is you dashing to your corner shop and grabbing that pack.

But have you asked…”is it healthy, reading from the pack?”

“Who cares?”- The Emerging Business Interviewer answered. That’s not he just speaking his or my mind but that of even you, the one reading this. At least with some certainty.

Well, let’s dig into why you need a healthy dose of fresh juice each day.

Body Detox

Did you know that a glass of fresh juice each day helps in detoxifying your body? Well, not many people would have the privilege of having at least a fruit to eat everyday; that is a luxury if not a non-feasible choice in our part of the world.

Truth is that you would rather spend your cedi on some “Kooko and Kose” or “Kenkey” to power up your day!

The best alternative to not having the luxury of eating a fruit each day is to have its juice as part of your day. Not to sound like a WARNING, but an advice for you is to stay away from packaged fruit drinks – less fruit concentrates but more sugar. A glass of fresh Edi-C Juice however contains all the necessary minerals, enzymes and vitamins that your body can easily absorb; and a regular intake can keep you away from ailments.


Reduces Food Cravings as well as Weight Management

The challenge I throw to you is simple; “Drink a glass of fresh Edi-C Juice every morning to see the difference in your weight or you are guaranteed a money back withing 90 days.”

edi-c weight management

Fruit juice boosts your immune system, aids digestion and prevents allergies & ailments from entering your body, this is aside the major job of Aiding Weight Management.

Most of the time, your cravings make you eat junk food which is usually unhealthy. The best the fresh fruit juice does for you is to fill you up and keep you till the next real meal.

After the detoxification and flushing out of toxins from your body, the end result is weight management.

“But hey, don’t overdose on Edi-C or any other, we are in business to provide solutions and not create problems. A fresh fruit juice is good but surely, anything in excess is bad ‘cos of the body’s sugar levels, so watch it.”

edi-c fresh
Edi-C Juice is Enriched with Natural Nutrients

It is true that eating the raw fruits and vegetables are far better than juices actually. Notwithstanding , juices posses that benefit of keeping the body hydrated with its excess water content which is a noticeable advantage over the raw fruits and vegetables. Edi-C Juice, just like no other, has health benefits and adds value to your body’s system.

edi-c in the making

Having a long exhausting day? Grab a glass. Feeling hydrated or loosing energy? We’ve got you. The essential component is that these fresh fruit juices can easily be digested by your body to provide instant and soluble nutrients.

What is Edi-C Juice?

We know you are always on the move, chasing after those goals, but you cannot chase out the one that keeps you going; your health requirements.

For the health conscious peeps this is for you.

bottled edi-c

Edi-C Juice is a blend of 100% natural fruits, a completely sugar-free extract. These fruits are selectively and carefully hand picked to make the perfect healthy juice for all groups of people.
Edi-C has juices for children, adults and the elderly. Aside the juices, there are made to order smoothies per clients specification.


What are the offerings of Edi-C
  • Carrot and Pineapple Juice
  • Cocktail (Mixed Fruit)
  • EasySlim (Spinach, Pineapple, Ginger, Cucumber & Mint leaves)
  • Detox Water
  • Watermelon
  • Sobolo.

Edi-C Juice is available for bookings for your events.

“Delivery Service Available to get us to you.”


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A Call to Choose Edi-C Juice

Think about the composition of that pack you grab and do remember our advice above. Our trust is for you to locate a healthy choice – Edi-C Juice.

Convinced about the need for you drink fruit juice each day? Made up your mind? Tried Edi-C? Share your reviews and experience with us in the comment box below OR on our Facebook Page @afrosages.

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