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African Parents

21st Century African Parents

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Our generation is going to raise emotionally distant kids because we’ll be too busy chasing money to create any meaningful relationships with them. Our time, just the fathers were this way. These days, it’s both parents. The African parents you criticize, you’ll become them.

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Just in another way!


Because you’ll think being at home with the kids is not progressive enough. Because you’ll think child-rearing is demeaning and not worthy of the 21st-century parent.

African Parents
African American father helping son with homework — Image by © Andersen Ross/Blend Images/Corbis

Because you’ll try to fix all their problems with money. Because you’ll send them to summer camp at every chance you get. Because you’ll make it a job of the society to raise your kids for you.

Because you’ll think it’s not cool to be parents and you’ll rather be their friends. Because the next wave will tell you you owe no duties to anyone and everything should be about your own happiness or it’s not worth your time.

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Because you’re going to encourage vices in order to look cool. Because you think raising a kid alone is what is good for your freedom. Because you think you need no man. Because you think you need no mother figure.

Because you think you can be both parents in one. Because you’ll always put yourself ahead of them. Because you’re woke. You’re going to be the 21st century “African parent”. You’re going to become an e-parent. Never there, always-on video call because you know “mummy has to work”.

African Parents
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“Daddy is busy making money for your own comfort” It’s not a problem we can solve because we don’t think it’s a problem yet. We don’t accept it as one. That’ll be a puzzle for the next generation after us to solve.

Nobody considers the terrible dissociative mentality trailing today’s youths, self-awareness, the need to do better than our parents or our peers is what truly drives many of us, it hides behind the popular quote “I’m doing what makes me happy”.

That is what we will teach our kids.

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PS: These are the valid opinions of the writer, most of the time, people become what they criticise (because that’s their reflection in the first place) but just never admit it. It may be pronounced or subtle.

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