May 25, 2019

Sexual/Cultural Revolution

There is nothing anyone can do to stop the sexual/cultural revolution the world is experiencing. Every single norm we know...
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date wrong person

Signs Say You Dey Date The Wrong Person

You dey relationship inside plus the right person or wrong person? Sometimes, the answer give your question dey this write...
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kula wins vgma

Kula – 2019 VGMA Unsung Winner

The 2019 VGMA Unsung Winner Kula, Ein real name be Frederick A. Mattey but ein stage name be Kula. Kula...
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social media strategy

Social Media Marketing Strategy: How To Get Started

Do you need a Social Media Marketing Strategy for your Business? Yes, and you don’t need a rocket scientist to...
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social media in sales and marketing

Social Media in Sales and Marketing

There is an ever-growing role when it comes to Social Media in sales and marketing initiatives today. The use of...
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