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Kula – 2019 VGMA Unsung Winner

kula wins vgma
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The 2019 VGMA Unsung Winner Kula, Ein real name be Frederick A. Mattey but ein stage name be Kula. Kula simply dey mean say Keeping U Listening Attentively.

VGMA announce Kula say he be the 2019 Unsung category winner, we dey come profile am.

Early Life of Kula

Dem born Kula for Jamestown on 17th June. Ein parents be Mr. Daniel Tawiah Mattey then Mrs Comfort Mattey. He be the 2nd born. He grow up for Jamestown, before them move come Dansoman.

For Dansoman, he go Most Holy Heart school, where nah he be Boys Scout then later he become Drama Club president. As he be young, if them dey play Obrafour, Tinny then Okyeame Kwame dems dema music for radio top, he go dey record am. That be how he fit rewind then soak the soak then mow the lyrics well.

He go secondary school for Ho, Mawuli School. If senior barb am say he dey do something wrong then he go rap so say dem no go punish am. As time dey go on the seniors come dey feel am. He chop Entertainment Prefect for school.

Music Life Begins

After Mawuli School, he continue go Ho Poly. Ein first two songs as he be fresher be “Ho Poly Girls” then “I Love Central Hall”. These two songs make am popular. That be when ein music career start.

He record “Call To Rector” wey dey address some concerns of the students back then. The then rector hear the song wey dem fix some of the problems he talk for the song inside.

Kula get five mixtapes then a dozen singles for ein belt under, that go be over 70 songs as ein first record for 2009.

Ein first recorded mixtape be “Personality Konphlikt” (Freddie vs Kula). This mixtape top wey the “Call To Rector” song dey top.

2011, he record “The K.U.L.A. Mixtape”. 17 songs dey that mixtape top.
He graduate school 2012 where he take HND in Marketing take go house. After that he do ein National Service so he take small break from music. As he finish service, he go Naija where he record ein next three mixtapes.

He get joint mixtape plus ein good friend wey also be rapper, Kelz. The mixtape be hip-hop mixtape wey dem call am “GhaGeria”. This mixtape top wey ein song “Ahoe Roundabout” dey top. If you catch Ho, wey you no hear this song then you no dey Ho.

2015 he cormot “Experiment X”, wey be solo mixtape wey get 21 songs wey he nah produce. He feature C-Real then some upcoming Naija acts for top. Then “GhaGeria 2” drop, wey be follow up give GhaGeria, wey dem record for 2014 inside.

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He record ein first official video give ein song AMEN wey dey the Experiment X mixtape song for 2016 inside. After he perform for ChaleWote 2016, them name am “Crowds Favourite” by Accra Dot Alt.

2017, he perform for two Samsung Product Launchs (Galaxy S8| S8+ then Galaxy Note 8). He start dey sell in CDs for street top, the CD contain ein compilation. He sell almost 1000 copies (if that no be hustle then we nor know what hustle be). He release GoDJ, song wey turn official song give Ghana DJ Awards  2018.


Kula get 6 nominations give the first edition of the Volta Music Awards. He get nomination give Rapper Of The Year, Hip-Hop Song Of The Year then Overall Artiste Of The Year. That same year D-Black sponsor ein video “Don’t Blow It”.

Currently, he dey job for Yfm, he be the host give Lyricist Lounge wey be strictly hip-hop show wey dey promote upcoming artistes.

He san be marketer then brands consultant give SMATEL Consults for Ho. Them dem dey organize Facebook Waakye Walk.

He be Manager then Consultant give Elorm Sangbey and Friends ( The Turn-Up group wey dey jam for parties then weddings).

This be Kula ein first VGMA Unsung nomination wey he win am. He really work hard as e enter the music scene.

We dey wish am more success and more hit songs.


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