20 Side Hustle Ideas to Consider


A side hustle is essentially a way out of a regular job to make money or run your own business. They enable you to earn additional income by being your own boss and pursuing your passions with freedom and flexibility.

Some business people prefer to stick to their 9-5 jobs and run side businesses, or even run multiple businesses at once. If you’re considering adding a side business to your full-time job, here are 20 side hustle ideas to consider.

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Side Hustle Ideas

1. Blogging

You can start blogging on your own schedule and run it entirely. Earn money through advertising, content sponsored, or brand partnerships.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliates earn a share of every sale they make to a partner brand. To earn some passive income, you can start your own website or even include these links to your social media posts.

3. Selling Domains

People often pay for popular domains with a premium. This business doesn’t require much of a time commitment.

4. Resume Service

Write or edit people’s resumes and cover letters and charge a small fee.

5. Social Media Managing

You might also be able to help companies handle their social media accounts and charge a weekly or monthly fee.

6. Social Media Influencing

Influencers work with brands and charge small fees for product mentions or reviews that will help them reach relevant consumers.

7. Designing Websites

You could also design websites for businesses and individuals.

8. Freelance Writing

You would simply provide your writing services on a contractual basis to other websites or journals.

9. Podcasting

Podcasting offers similar flexibility as blogging, just in audio form. Earn money by including ads included in your programming.

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10. Digital Marketing

If you’re a skilled marketer, sell your expertise or consulting services to other businesses.

11. Selling Ebooks

You can also publish your own ebooks on platforms like Amazon and then earn some cool cash of each sale.

12. Designing T-Shirts

You can create designs and print them on t-shirts for sale.

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13. Driving

If you have a car, you can drive for services like Uber or Bolt in your spare time.

14. Event Planning

You could also offer your services as an event or wedding planner. Contact vendors and manage the events for cool cash.

15. Teaching Dance

You can also offer dance classes to kids or adults, with options ranging from azonto to hip hop dance.

16. YouTube Posting

YouTube offers you a share of advertising revenue to video creators on the site.

17. Designing Logos

Offer your services to companies in need of logos and other branding components if you have an eye for design.

18. Selling Stock Photos

Photographers take pictures and then upload them to photo stock sites and earn some cash for every sale.

19. Catering

Catering is the perfect option for a side hustle because you can focus on weekend events (funerals and weddings).

20. Laundry Service

As a mobile laundry service, you can simply pick up items from clients, wash, dry, iron and return them. This is especially popular in areas with a lot of university students.

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