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20 Compelling Google Facts And Stats [Infographic]

Google Facts
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Few technology businesses like Google have come to symbolize the digital era. Google has not only dominated the search engine for centuries – even the closest rival scratches the surface scarcely – but in many other technology companies and sectors, it’s also got its finger.

Google Facts And Stats
Photo by Arthur Osipyan on Unsplash

This extended range could be the most exciting aspect in the research giant, with robotics, AR glasses and drones projects to name but a few among the ever-expanding empire of technology giants.

Google Dominates Search Engines

You may not be aware of it, but Google always buys fresh businesses and works on fresh projects in order to keep the competition ahead of us all.

And you might not understand a lot more about the search giant. The below infographic from VizionOnline outlines 20 fascinating Google facts and stats, this not only gives you a stronger knowledge of the business but also can assist you to comprehend some additional complexities of the search system.

Google Facts And Stats
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Source of Infographics: VizionOnline

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