17 Requirements for Business Registration in Ghana Today!


Are you a startup, an established venture but not registered by the Registrar Generals Department of Ghana? AFROSAGES takes you through the 17 requirements needed for Business Registration in Ghana Today.

Though the registration process looks cumbersome and full of bureaucracy at every door, we have provided in here access for you the reader, with the help of our partners to ensure your experience is seamless.

Click HERE to send an E-mail to get you started. You can as well head to RGD’s website and download the forms to begin your own registration process.

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17 Requirements for Business Registration in Ghana

business registration in ghana 2019

Below is a complete list for required details and items to complete a business registration in Ghana from Sole Proprietorship to a Limited by Liability or Guarantee Company.

Tax Identification Number(TIN)

This is the most essential requirement to get you started. Without one, you need to visit the nearest RGD office to fill out a TIN form. You can also click Here to send an E-mail to our partner to get you one.

Full Name of Registrant

The First, Middle and Last Name of the registrant is required to begin the process as there needs to be a face to every business. The below details about the registrant are required also.

Date of Birth
Town of Birth
Birth District
Mother’s Name
Residential Address
Residential Address District
The Landmark of the Residential Address
Photocopy of a Valid ID Card of the Registrant

This includes only Voter’s ID, National ID(GHANA CARD), Drivers’ License and National Passport.

Postal Address of Registrant
Phone Number of Registrant
Ghana Post GPS Address of Registrant

This is another essential requirement as the RGD is trying to place geographical tags on every business as part of the national digitization agenda. Download the GPGPS App on Google Play Store/iOS App Store or go to the GhanaPost GPS Website to get the location you want to use for your Business Registration.

Though this conflicts with the requirement of providing your physical address, the GP GPS Addressing system is in its implementation stages and as Government of Ghana directive, it has become a must.

E-Mail Address of the Business

Efforts by the government of Ghana and the Registrar Generals Department to digitize the process of Business Registration in Ghana is being implemented and as a basic requirement, registrants are required to provide their e-mail addresses to facilitate the flow of the information about the registration process.

Business Address( Physical Address)

This requirement is essential in the location of brick and mortar businesses. However, for online businesses too, the registrant is required by law to provide a physical address for the business.

Name of Business to be registered

The name of the business is taken through a search in the RGD’s database ensure that the name is unique and conforms to the regulations and guidelines as per the particular business you want to register. Click Here to get informed about the rules, regulations, and laws governing the registration of business names.

Click Here to perform a name search or Reserve a name by visiting any of the RGD offices across the country.

Nature of Business

As a vital requirement, you are supposed to declare the line of business you want to venture in order to be given the required license and certificates to operate within the laws bound by its regulation.

Without a TIN – Registration Requirements

Want to register your business but you do not possess a TIN, Click Here to Send an E-mail to our partner to get started!

Get Registered Today!

I trust this piece helped in easing up the cumbersome process of going legit with your business. You can also share your experience with us on the level of customer service you received at the Registrar Generals Department. Do not forget the spread the love by sharing this publication.

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