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15 Shipping Container Business Ideas

Shipping Container Business

People are ever increasingly looking for eco-friendly and non-traditional facilities for their businesses due to high construction costs, here come the Shipping Container to the rescue. With their impactful usefulness AFROSAGES walks you through 15 Shipping Container Business Ideas to aid you pick inspiration for your next project.

Shipping Container
Shipping Container Work Space

15 Shipping Container Business Ideas

Workshop Space

If you have an innovative skill or you are a crafts person and you want to teach a small group of people, using a container can serve as your workshop space.

Coffee Shop

Nothing stirs early morning debates across the world more than what makes a good cup of coffee and where to have it. It’s also a drink that has the potential to lift the mood, focus the mind and deliver instant happiness.

You can use this space as a coffee shop or a cafe, not only that you can sell a variety of beverages as well.

Clothing Boutique

Another wonderful way to use a container is for a clothing boutique. If there is a need for expansion, just stack them up like AETHER in San Francisco below.

Shipping Container
Photo Credit: Aether
Art Gallery

If you are an arts lover or a painter, you can use this space as an art gallery to display your own stuff.


Shipping containers make excellent building blocks and if used as a restaurant will be a great model.

Hair Salon

Easy, one-on-one service businesses also can work in container spaces. You can use the area to set up a little hair salon.

Shipping Container
A shipping container redesigned

You can have different settings with a container as a bar. You can have an indoor and an open outdoor area as well.

Container Shipping Bat
Shipping Container Bar [Credit: Containerpedia]
Storage Facility

As storage containers often relate to storing products, shipping containers can also be used as a self-storage in this ability.

Office Building

You can stack them up in complex designs, decorate it client specification and rent them out as office spaces.

Shipping Container Office Space
Stacked up shipping container office space
Computer Repair Shop

In a small workspace, computer repair works can be done, but it helps to have a place where people can bring in their devices.

Bicycle Repair Shop

Bicycle repair is also a service that only takes up a bit of space and can be done in a container.

Ceramics Shop

You could set up a shop where you make ceramic dishes and other products out of clay and sell in s small container.


You could set up multiple containers that people can actually stay in when they travel.

Shipping Container
Music Studio

Yon can stack 2 or 3 containers, sound proof them and you are ready to start recording songs.

Gift Shop

Another type of small retail business, a gift shop can also be a perfect idea for a shipping container business.

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