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12 Mistakes To Avoid When Sharing Live Video Content

Live Video Content
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Live video represents an emerging trend within video marketing. Live video content can be an extremely efficient instrument for branding and marketing, only if they’re executed well.

Brands can develop an intimate two-way communication channel with their audience through live broadcasting. Live video can host questionnaires, respond to client questions, host expert interviews, demonstrate product information and more.

Live Video
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On Facebook, consumers spend 3 times more watching live videos than traditional videos.

“If you don’t live-stream your show you’re missing out on a huge opportunity that your competitors are going to pick up on.” – Digital Manager, Carolina Herrera

Here Are The 12 Mistakes To Avoid When Sharing Live Video Content

1. Not Smiling

The aim is to be friendly and approachable when producing video content. The best way to depict this picture is by merely smiling. Of course, this also applies to videos where an off-screen narrator is available. Smiling may alter your voice’s sound and tone.

2. Being Unprepared

You need to prepare before you go live if you are to host a Live Video event. You have to write a script, practice and solve issues that may occur when someone views the video. Try to prepare what you will say weeks beforehand, so you have time to adjust your content and tone.

3. Assuming There Will Be No Technical Issues

The brand starts a live session but the connection stops. It’s a shame. I saw a business owner announcing a big live event, but did not consider that an internet connection would not manage the quantity of traffic at its present place. As a result, he had to reschedule the event. It’s essential not to let you down the tech.

4. Inconsistent Lighting, Audio And Camera Placement

Our norms for viewing live video have come a long way, and the excellent lighting, clear audio, and a constant, steady camera make it easier to watch. Use natural light or video lights, invest in a microphone or use your recording studio with a pleasant background. Consider Live Video a Light, Camera, and Action manufacturing. It helps to convey your message!

Lighting In Live Video
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5. Ignoring Your Viewers

One of the main mistakes businesses make is not interacting with viewers when they make live video content. Live video is the ideal way to connect your followers better. You miss the chance to create relationships if you just say what you have to say and leave. Take time instead to recognize and let individuals ask questions in the chat.

6. Not Inserting CTAs

Live streaming is intended to be fun and interactive, but you lack the opportunity to build up your business if you don’t give your audience actionable guidance on what to do next. Always use “call to action” and guide your audience on what they want. This helps you to boost conversions and boost customer engagement.

Live Video Content
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7. Unprofessional Appearance

Just because live video is casual, does not imply you should be extremely casual (even sloppy) with you look. Make sure you look professional if you want your audience to trust your business and listen to what you have.

8. Doing A Live Video Without Announcing It Ahead Of Time

Just because live content is created doesn’t imply that you can do it whenever you want. Treat it like an event and market it early so that people know when, how and why to come and watch. This helps avoid the situation where you’re constantly repeating yourself to fill in “new viewers” while boring the rest of the audience and pushing them away.

9. Not Having A Clear Goal For The Video

A common mistake business owners or brand influencers make is getting on live videos and simply talk with no apparent intention. This is a waste of time for you and your audience. Go live with a very specific goal in mind; decide whether the video is to entertain, educate or promote.

10. Straying From Your Brand

Live video is a brand new world, and it is easy to get carried away by the medium. Keep it simple. Just keep it simple. Make sure the video fits into your brand and promotes your mission and objectives. Clients, particularly millennials, can sniff out inauthenticity a mile away.

11. Long Introductions

I can comprehend the attraction for a visually impressive introduction to your video material showing the sleek design and high production value of your business. However, an introduction longer than a couple of seconds will upset and motivate your potential viewers to click away. If you don’t want to shut people off your contents, keep it short and sweet.

12. Not Optimizing Your Live Video After the Fact

I attempt to find it later when I miss the live video that I’m interested in, but if I can’t find it fast, I’ll move on. I imagine it is the same way for many other people. There are lots of ways to optimize your live video after the fact. You can post it on your website, comment on and edit it on Facebook Live, share it on Youtube, etc. Don’t forget about this important step!

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