11 Things You Realize When You Get Matured


When you’re growing up, there are certain things you stop doing and certain habits you drop along the way. Sometimes there are certain friends you let go, you’re getting matured.

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There are also certian things you realize when you get matured and below are some of those things. They might differ from yours but still valid.


1. Women can forgive physical cheating, but not an emotional one. On the contrary, men can forgive emotional cheating, but not a physical one.

2. Women don’t like to be compared to older women. Men take pride when compared to older men.

3. Your level of happiness/sadness depends on the biochemistry happening inside your body.

4. If you are a sensitive person and you feel the need to ask your crush if she likes you, most of the chances are that she doesn’t.

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5. You should get your heart broken once or more. You will get to know who you are and what do you want in a life partner.

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6. If you give your 100% before a commitment, mostly you will end up making the other person emotionally lazy.

7. When you have a crush on someone, the last thing you will care about is the reality.

8. A person can only evolve himself, but change. Change is reversible and temporary, evolution is not.

9. People are always capable of falling in love again.

10. Past doesn’t matter. Habits do.

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11. Remember when you ask your parents for money and they tell you they don’t have? When you start working and assuming responsibilities you get to understand them.

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