10 Things You Shouldn’t Say During A Break-up

Ending a relationship can be very emotional and difficult, so be mindful of the things you say during the break-up process.

Whatever the reason may be, your mind is made up. It can be difficult to figure out what to say during a break-up.

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If you cannot come up with the right things to say, don’t say these 10 things because the last words of any relationship can linger long in the memory.

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Good Luck

That is like a bomb and it has many meanings. That you, the dumper, are totally cutting the other party loose, kicking the other party out of the sex nest, etc.

Will You Marry Me?

This is a desperation move. Never, ever propose.

I Hope We Can Still Be Friends

Don’t say this if you don’t mean it. This is also the worst because there’s no closure if you want to move on. This is just like “I hope things won’t be awkward between us”.

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It’s Not You, It’s Me

This is a total break-up cliché. No one believes this, even if you really do mean it, unless yeah really it was your fault.

I Need Space so Let’s Break-up

This sounds like there still might be the chance for reconciliation, if there’s no chance be honest and clear.

It’s Not Me, It’s You

Do not be mean, be very honest with your reasons, but don’t blame them for everything. You’re already dumping the person so don’t let him or her feel embarassed.

My Parents Never Liked You

You don’t need to make things messy. Don’t make a bad situation worse.

You’re Going To Find Someone So Much Better For You

If you are not going to offer up the name and contact of that person you feel will be better for me, keep your wisdom to yourself.

What Can I Do To Change Your mind?

This is not the time to beg. Trust the person’s decision. With time you’ll get better.

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We Just Can’t Be Together… Right Now

So when is the right time for us to be together? Make it a clean break-up if you can no longer be with the person. Don’t give false hopes. Make it clear that you had some good times, but it’s over now.

Break ups should be clean, it hurts but it won’t forever. Be honest, but considerate. You liked/loved this person for a reason, don’t choose this painful moment to forget all of that.

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