10 Reasons He Doesn’t Want To Commit To You

Commitment is a familiar narrative in the dating scene. You’ve been seeing really nice guy for a while now. You enjoy spending time together and getting to know each other; things seems to be moving in the right direction.

Finally, you feel you have found “THE ONE” after countless disappointment, yet he doesn’t want to commit!

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Reasons He Doesn’t Want To Commit To You

Young Couples Commit
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1. He Still Has Feelings For His Ex

He’s probably not over his ex. He’s not going to tell you and he might not even be able to admit it to you. Chances are that he’s still in love with his ex.

Seek proof of your suspicion; if he still has pictures of her or he’s keeping in regular touch on social media, then you’ve got a big problem.

2. He’s Been Treated Badly In The Past

That is very common. He has probably gone through a bad break-up, and he needs time to recover, regain his confidence and become his own self again. Without this, there will be problems in your relationship.

3. You’re Not The Only One

You might not be the only person he is dating. It might be possible if you guys havent had the “exclusivity talk”. Look for those signs that indicate that he’s seeing other people. He may want to keep his options open but you must be aggresive if you’re ready to be exclusive.

4. He Uses A Lot Of Modifiers When Speaking

If you listen carefully, you will hear him use ‘probably’, ‘maybe’, ‘probably not’, ‘I might’, ‘I might not’ and the like much more than other people. If asked when they will be home from work, they won’t say they will be home by 5. Instead, they will say that they probably will be home by 5.

5. He Is Sexually Active

He may have the need for intimacy like everyone else, but his need is not getting met by being close to another human being. Some guys are just in it for the sex. Yeah, some women too.

Commit Sex
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6. He’s Not Ready For Responsibility

Genuine commitment involves a lot. It’s a huge and serious step. Maintaining a long-term romantic relationship requires effort and sacrifice. He might take you on dinner dates and to the cinemas, but he is not ready to deny himself that new PS4 because you’re both saving for that house.

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7. He Feels Pressured

Nobody likes to feel like they’ve been pushed into making a decision. Some people are guilty of laying back a bit if they really want something. As i said in #6, commitment involves a lot and he isn’t ready for that kind of pressure.

8. He Likes Being Single

He just doesn’t want to be tied down or be in any kind of long-term arrangement with anyone. And that’s fine. People should be free to live their lives how they so choose. But you should consider cutting ties with him because for him to change his mindset and be with someone, will only come from him.

9. Past Relationships Are All Short And/Or Very Noncommittal

If your beau has had a series of short relationships despite not being all that young, then he probably is not likely to commit to a long term relationship in the future either.

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10. He Is Unpredictable

You never know quite how your love interest will behave or what kind of mood he will be in. One day he is really sweet and seem almost normal and the next he is avoiding you altogether. Their behaviour never ceases to surprise you.

Share your thoughts on this by comments and let us know how you will cope with commitment issues.

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