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10 Players Most Likely To Win The MVP Award This NBA Season

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With the 74th NBA season beginning last night, AFROSAGES makes a list of players most likely to win the MVP Award. This year a lot of the contenders have teamed up to form a powerful duo like Anthony Davis and LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, Russell Westbrook and James Harden.

10. Kyrie Irving

Personally, we don’t think Kyrie has a real chance to win it but he makes it to our list with the very small chance he does have. We think this season he should be looking for is redemption. With Kevin Durant out injured, he’s the star man for the Nets just like he was at Celtics. He needs to prove that he learned from that situation and become a leader that can lead the Nets to a deep playoff front.

Kyrie MVP Award
Kyrie Irving

9. Damian Lillard

He’s not going to win, he’s one of our favorite players in the league but…. Like Kyrie he’s not impactful enough on the defensive end. He’s led the Blazers to a top 3 seed in the West for the past 2 seasons. He’ll finish in the top 10 though but if he can average 30 points per game he can have a shout at the MVP Award.

Lillard MVP Award
Damian Lillard

8. Joel Embiid

The 76ers center makes it to the eight position because of how stacked his team is and his health. With rumours on-going that he’ll sit out a lot of games to make sure he stays healthy and this takes a lot away from his chances of winning MVP award. If he misses a few games and becomes the leader of his team then he’ll have a shot.

Embiid MVP Award
Joel Embiid

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7. James Harden

With how well he plays on offense, he’ll always be a MVP candidate. If he and Russ goes terrible..Nahh he won’t win the award. Averaging 37 points per game last season there’s nothing more he can do to be better than last season unless he and Russ get the best record in the league and play great together.

Harden MVP Award
James Harden

6. Kawhi Leonard

No one will be surprised is he wins the MVP award at this rate even though last season it was PG, Giannis and Harden without a mention of him. With how good this Clippers team is he’ll be resting a lot to keep him healthy which doesn’t do too well to his chances.

Kawhi MVP Award
Kawhi Leonard

5. LeBron James

He hasn’t shown clear signs of slowing down, and with a terrible Lakers team last season he put up better numbers than his previous 2 MVP seasons. 2018/19 27.4 PPG, 8.5 RBG and 8.3 APG compared to 2011/12 27.1 PPG, 7.9 RPG and 6.2 APG and 2012/13 26.8 PPG 8.0 RPG and 7.3 APG. And now that his team is among the favourite 2 to win the league, he’s back in MVP talks. Now he’s playing with another star Anthony Davis and Davis can become the star of the team over an aging James is the only way he misses out on the MVP Award. And oh injuries.

Lebron MVP Award
LeBron James

4. Anthony Davis

He has dealt with injuries in almost every season he’s played in but he’s more likely to stay healthier than LeBron because of his age but honestly if everything goes right he can come out to be the best player in the league this season. With 27 PPG, 12 RPG and 2 BLKS per game for the last 3 seasons with a very bad Pelicans team, he can only do better with this Lakers team. If he can win the Defensive Player Of The Year award and be just as good in offense, the MVP may very well be his.

Davis MVP Award
Anthony Davis

3. Giannis Antetokounmpo

The guy who won it last season should be on your list no matter what. With how much he develops every single year, it was tough to put him at #3. Teams find it difficult to stop him and he’ll lead the Bucks to the first seed in the East this year. The Raptors exposed his ability or lack of ability to shoot in the playoffs last year. He has to improve his jump shots, shoot better, play like he did last season and he’ll be in contention.

Giannis MVP Award
Giannis Antetokounmpo

2. Nikola Jokic

If he stays healthier than everyone else (in the last 4 seasons he’s only missed 8 games in a season) and there’s too much talent on the Nuggets team; his only hindrance to the MVP Award. He took his team to the 2nd seed in the West and with everyone developing another year, if they make 1st seed Jokic can be an MVP.

Jokic MVP Award
Nikola Jokic

1. Steph Curry

There’s no star to get in his way like Jokic even though D’Angelo is considered a star, he cannot get into Steph’s way. With Klay out, Curry will step up even more. And if you’ll remember the last 2 years we saw Steph play without Durant, he was MVP in both years and had one of the greatest individual season of all time in 2015/16 where he averaged 35 PPG, 6 RPG, 5 APG and 45% from 3.

Curry MVP Award
Stephen Curry

You can share yours with us in the comments section.

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