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10 Lessons From My Big 3-0

10 Lessons
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I turn 30 recently and I have 13 more years to reach half time because the average life expectancy for men in most of the world is about 86.

Here are 10 lessons from my first 30 years.

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LESSON 1: Be Kind.

Kindness is its own reward. Be kind to:

1.Those who can’t reciprocate (waiters, maids, subordinates etc.)

2.Those who deserve your wrath.

3.Those closest to you. It’s easy to forget to be kind to spouses, children and siblings.

4. Everyone around you.

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LESSON 2: Focus On Your Strengths, Not Weaknesses.

Don’t live your life trying to improve on your weaknesses. Instead focus on building and maximizing your strengths. Example: Sport = weakness Education = strength. Focus on becoming the next Einstein, not the next Ronaldo.

LESSON 3: Recognize Your Heritage.

Humans = nurture (environment) + nature (genes). Your heritage (mom + dad + their families) and upbringing give you some advantages. Example, My granddad was a tribal chief and mom was a teacher so leadership and teaching come naturally to me.

LESSON 4: Find Your Trump Card.

Everybody has a unique gift that they can use to win in life. Find yours and maximize it. Mine is my ability to learn new concepts. Therefore, I try to learn something new every year. That ability has brought me everything I have and own.

10 Lessons
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LESSON 5: Respect Money

Work strategically to make money. Then use the money respectfully. Don’t splurge until you can afford to. You can’t afford anything until you can buy two of it with cash. Respect money, and it will work hard for you.

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LESSON 6: Do Everything You Can In Your 20’s, Focus On Something In Your 30’s.

In my 20’s, I worked in tech, banking, marketing, and teaching. I also wrote a book, led a youth group, sang in a choir, published a photo-book etc. In my 30’s, I’m focusing on Tech, Social Media and Marketing.

LESSON 7: Accept Your Limitations.

You cannot do everything at a high level. Recognize your limitations and accept it. Outsource what you can, find partners to help with your weaknesses, and marry someone who is pretty good at the things you are horrible at doing.

LESSON 8: Learn To Work With People.

You can’t achieve anything worth doing alone. You need a team of people who genuinely like you and want to work with you. They will help scale your goals and ambitions and help you become a better person.

LESSON 9: Give More Than You Take.

Give your skills to your employer. Give yourself to your spouse and children. Give to people around you. Give to your parents and siblings. Be known for giving rather than receiving.

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LESSON 10: Enjoy The Journey.

There is no joy in hustling to a destination. Laugh, smile, and enjoy the wind in your face. Make time for love and laughter, for a good bottle of wine accompanied with great music. Life is short; enjoy the journey.

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