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10 Home Office Ideas On A Budget

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With the rapid progress of telecommunication, internet, and cloud-based technology and the increased productivity advantages of home office working being acknowledged by business owners, it comes as a little surprise that the number of Ghanaians working from home is on the rise.

Home Office Ideas on a Budget

If you are among the thousands who work from home or operate a small business from home and want to enhance your job environment at home, check your budget for 10 of the following home office concepts.

Paint the Walls
Home Office painting
Photo by russn_fckr on Unsplash

The distinction that painted walls can bring to a home office may surprise you. Go for vivid colors and models that provide more motivation and vibrancy in your office in an economical manner.

Ensure There’s Plenty of Daylight

Ensure your creativity, efficiency and wellbeing are enriched by allowing more daylight. Clear the windows that could hinder daylight from entering the room. Studies indicate that daylight can increase creativity by up to 15%.

Get Faster Internet
Internet fir home office
Photo by Hoster on Unsplash

The majority of home offices, if not all, require internet access. The move to a faster internet provider can be one of the cheapest ways to improve your home business productivity.

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Store Files in the Cloud

Why not transfer your files to the cloud instead of relying on paperwork that requires room. The electronic storage of essential documentation creates an unlimited room for your home office.

Opt for LED Lighting
Led Light for home office
Photo by Evan Smogor on Unsplash

The lighting in the office should never be ignored. Forget about fluorescent energy-zapping lighting. Instead, choose LED lighting that’s looks stylish and gives your home office a warm cheerful, calming glow. And LED bulbs are cheaper than traditional lightbulbs.

Have an Adjustable Desk

Sitting at a desk can be devastating on your back all day. Improve your posture by using an adjustable desk while working at home.

Save Energy In Your Home Office

Working from home is a cost-effective way of working because you don’t commute to work. But it’s not without its costs. Trying to save energy, for instance, by turning energy efficient appliances into a cheaper power supplier and enabling power management to be activated on appliances.

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Have A Music System
Sub woofer at home office
Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Fit a music system to your home office to give you some company all day. The fact that you play background music while working, can help give some people a boost while they work from home and alleviate some loneliness.

Make Your Office Cozier

Comfortable office spaces are welcoming and inviting. If your home office lacks the cozy factor, put a carpet rug on the floor, put cozy lamps on the desk and implement other design tricks in order to make your office space considerably cozier.

Be Inspired With Artwork
Painting for home office
Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Add some creativity and visual inspiration in your home by hanging colorful, attractive and decorative artwork on the walls.

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