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10 Best E-commerce Practices For Small Business

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Recent reports show that there will be over 2 billion digital shoppers by 2021, that’s up from 1.66 billion in 2016. You will want to know the best practice of e-commerce with these figures.

E-commerce Business
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E-commerce Best Practices

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

If your website is not yet tweaked for mobile, do it now. There is no way that customers can purchase and pay for products from their phones as well as laptops without mobile capacity. The big question is, does your website load under 3 seconds and mobile friendly?

Use Images On Your Homepage
E-commerce website
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You only have seconds to catch a visitor and sell online so a picture on your homepage is indispensable. There’s an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, well that translates to e-commerce as well.

Understand Content Marketing

You must believe that Content is King if you’re going to sell goods and products online. All kinds of content; Infographics, blogs, videos, images etc. However, here’s a catch, not all kinds of content work for every business.

Find a great marketer who can match your products up with the right e-commerce best practices. Don’t look too far, Talk to AFROSAGES today!

Keep Your E-commerce Website Simple

Simple is better here because simple sells. Keep your website simple. Don’t get carried with all those sophisticated designs you see on the internet. There are plenty of great templates you can sort through to move forward quickly.

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Find A Good Hosting Service

Your website should load quickly. Turning visitors into prospects and prospects into sales is all about making sure they don’t need to wait more than a few seconds to see what you’ve got to sell on your website. Every second counts and research has proven that a one second delay translates into a double-digit decrease in customer satisfaction. Click here to check out KINGSCEL – fast and secure cloud hosting!

This is the basis of best practices in e-commerce.

Don’t Ignore SEO

After you have gotten that great website, that is of course simple to navigate with a good hosting service, you need that little extra push to get your small business to the front of the competition. This is where SEO comes into play.

SEO employs keywords and a range of other methods to assist individuals to find what they have to buy using search engines.

Add A Search Bar

You must think about the experience of your customer and that means taking a search bar into account. There is no need to put fancy ahead of functional here.

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Get Mobile Payment Solutions

You need to have different payment options and e-commerce best practices. Variety they say is a spice of life. Take a look at the transaction costs charged here. There could be even a monthly maintenance fee. There are good mobile apps available from industry leaders like PayPal. You can use Perfect Money, Payoneer, Skrill, Cofred if you have difficulties with Paypal. You can also integrate Mobile Money Payments into your website.

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You Must Combine Video and Text

Text and video can function together. One hand washes the other and the best applications use the text to drill deeper into the embedded video or vice versa.

Provide Excellent Product Descriptions

These will not only assist you to sell your products and services but provides the buyer the opportunity to make value for money decisions faster as they add items in the shopping cart.

All best practices in e-commerce must be made as user-friendly as possible.


We hope this article helps you send your small business to the next level. Reach out to us to get you started on these Solutions for Growth and Profitability! Leave us a comment about how this article has been helpful to your business.

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