What is the nature of your relationship or fellowship with God?
What lies in your Heart and does your Mouth speak of Good or Bad?
Which Christ are you Proclaiming with your Lifestyle?
Think about the things of Heaven!
There is no burden you cannot bear nor overcome
Do you truly Believe in Jesus Christ?
The Essence of Unity in the Christian Faith
Find God Today!
Did God Really Say? Did the Bible say it is a Sin?
Rend your Heart and not your Garments
Look out for a Conviction and not just Words from the Bible
Stop Cheating on God Your First Love!
Words of Encouragement in your Difficult Times
Are you close to God? How to get closer to God?
Should you continue in Sin because of Grace?
Sunday Wisdom!
Take Heed and Be not Deceived
Is Jesus the Bread of Life?
Either the God way or Hell there is no Middle Ground!
Wait Patiently on God
Live by the WORD of GOD Everyday!
Give Thanks to God in All Things
Fear Not and Have Absolute Confidence in God for Everything
Be Hopeful because God is Faithful with every Promise
God Loves a Cheerful Giver
God Cares for you out of Pure Love
How visible is your Lighthouse?
God demands Holiness
Do you know about the Holy Spirit?
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Skate Gal Club – Ghana’s First All-Girls Skate Crew
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Instagram DM now on Desktop Computers
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Spearman Eve Advisory – Ghana’s finest Company Secretarial Services Provider
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We at AFROSAGES are going to share with you 10 Netflix Tricks and Tips You Didn't Know about. NETFLIX TRICKS AND TIPS 1. GET MORE MOVIES/SERIES Did you know that you can access more movies/series using a VPN? Netflix already limits some content based on your geographic location and it's frustrating. You may not be able to see some of your favourite movies/series even though...

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Social Media Stats for Africa; July 2019-Impact on African Businesses

Social Media Stats has become a greatly sort after data for brands and business over the years and this is due to the fact that the conversation has being online and less in the brick and mortar spaces over analogue tech. Understanding social media stats and its impact on businesses, particularly on the African Continent where there is an increasing trend in usage numbers is...

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The Mistake That Saved My Life

Few years back, a couple of us decided we're going to the coast, a summer vacation. We live in Zagreb, Croatia and we had a 400km trip ahead of us. I overslept, that was my mistake. The guys I was suppose to go with were all my kindergarten/junior high/high school friends. We've known each other ever since we were 5. Those were the people I...

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Galamsey Ghana – A Menace or Cash Cow? Images of Galamsey Ghana!

Many are the questions Ghanaians ask about Galamsey in Ghana. #Galamsey Ghana on Twitter. To the environmentalists; a menace of political drama, to the operators; a cash cow. Which side are you? Which side favours your cause? Pick a side for reading downwards reveals all the gory pictures of a devastation to the environment you once adored and would want to take a tour of....

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Ebo Whyte Plays-7 Good Reasons to Grab a Ticket TODAY!

I arrived at the National theater about 7:15 PM Saturday night with so many expectations of what this new "Ebo Whyte"' Play ''I Want Your Wife'' could be all about. I wondered whether it was about a cheating husband or wife as some usual stories have always been or just maybe it's about a mischevious politically informed play. Well, let me narrate my entire experience...

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Adopt a Succession Plan for your Business!-“Departing from the scene is unavoidable and inevitable”

Whether your business is a sole proprietorship or a limited liability, the inevitability of the demise of the owner(s) is unavoidable, hence the need for a continuity plan. How many business have this foresight? Is it all about living in the now? Having people who do not share in your vision or mission struggle over your business in your absence is something you would not...

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