How And Why Did I Become a Christian?
Await the Performance
Stay Holy and Stop trying to Bribe God
Stop the Prejudice against God
[SERMON RECAP] Serving God – 3 Important Things to Note
Remember the Name of the Lord our God in all Things!
Can All lost for the Sake of Christ Jesus be Restored Forever?
Keep Praying
Think about the things of Heaven!
Consider your ways and Put God First
These Things gets your Prayers Unanswered
Better to Choose the Punishment of God than the Praise of the Enemy
What is the Ideal Christian Attitude?
Worship the Lord Always
Christ in you, the Hope of Glory!
Where is your Belief?
Fear Not and Have Absolute Confidence in God for Everything
Remain Resolute with Your Faith in God
Is Obeying Man important to you than Obeying God?
Choose to Obey God over following man made doctrines
Present your Case to GOD
HOT MESS: How These 4 Things Nearly Ruined my Wedding Day!
Walk the Talk oh ye Christian
The LORD is King
Be Hopeful because God is Faithful with every Promise
Acknowledge the Supremacy and Sovereignty of God
What Would Jesus Do?
Even in Worst Times Worship and Praise GOD
How to Love – How to Love God
  Business Updates
Ways on How to Use Social Media in Marketing During COVID-19
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BLUSH AND PLUSH – Makeovers For All Occasions
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Aflatoxin is a silent killer – GSA

The Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) is rolling out a media sensitisation campaign stating aflatoxin a silent killer that needs to be nibbed in the bud. Mr Peter Martey Agbeko, GSA Head of Public Relations said the National Aflatoxin Sensitization and Management (NASAM) team recognised the media as a strategic partner in the fight against the debilitating effects of aflatoxin. He disclosed this in Accra, when the team from the GSA...

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Four Kids and It Full Movie Review

Four Kids and It Full Movie Review - For parents, Four Kids and It may look like salvation during this lockdown: a momentary distraction descended from the heavens. But Sky Cinema’s new family adventure seems built to be consumed and quickly forgotten. It’s an adaptation of Jacqueline Wilson’s 2012 book Four Children and It, which is itself a part-sequel, part-redo of E Nesbit’s Five Children...

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How to Stream Apple Music from Any Browser (PC and Mobile)

How to Stream Apple Music from Any Browser (PC and Mobile) - While most music player apps like Spotify and YouTube Music have a web app, Apple Music never had one. This decision to not support any web browser or web app left a lot of music lovers frustrated. Users were regularly seen looking for workarounds like using iTunes and so on, but that really...

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Parasite review: An intricate examination of class conflict

Dir: Bong Joon-ho. Starring: Song Kang-ho, Lee Sun-kyun, Cho Yeo-jeong, Choi Woo-shik, Park So-dam. 15 cert, 132 mins The world can seem a very different place depending on the window you’re looking out of. Out of their stinkbug and mildew-infested basement apartment, the Kim family sees steel bars. Beyond that, one of Seoul’s backstreets – the kind that drunks dive into to relieve themselves....

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Video: Waara – Paa Kofi Hendrix

Paa Kofi Hendrix, the enterprising Ghanaian gospel vocalist in a tune he titles "Waara" puts together great words of encouragement to the burdened and weary to focus on God for their refuge. Waara a praise and worship appellation to God meaning, “You, God” in the fanti dialect seeks to narrate the various struggles of life for which only God has the answers. Be inspired by...

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God Speaks, if you cannot hear then you are deaf!

God speaks and is always speaking to us, if for some reason you cannot hear then you are deaf. There is no nicer way to put it, but surely you must be deaf if you cannot hear the voice of your Maker, your Creator, your God. Why do you pray and not wait to hear Him speak with you? Isn't prayer supposed to be a...

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