Sunday Wisdom!
The Essence of Unity in the Christian Faith
Stay Holy and Stop trying to Bribe God
Do you Love the Lord your God?
Guard your Faith
The 20 Wise Sayings From The Book of Proverbs
Be Remorseful for your Sins and Stay Focused not to Repeat Them
Give God His Due!
Either the God way or Hell there is no Middle Ground!
Always Start with God
Keep Praying
Are you close to God? How to get closer to God?
Rend your Heart and not your Garments
How Do I See God?
He Cares
Be Thankful Oh Ye Redeemed of the Lord
Is God your Strong Tower or your Wealth keeps you Safe?
It is absolute foolishness to repeat the sins you committed in the past out of ignorance!
The Saving Power of the Name Jesus!
Why Is Religion So Important To Some People?
The LORD is our Witness
Better to Choose the Punishment of God than the Praise of the Enemy
Fear Not and Have Absolute Confidence in God for Everything
The Power of The Word of God
Have you been crucified with Christ?
Give Thanks to the Lord
Do Right even when no one is watching or judging – Have Integrity
Will I Go To Hell if I Refuse to Go to Church?
What is The Will of God for my Life?
  Business Updates
How to Dress while Working From Home – What is your Working from Home Dress Code?
Iceberg Cooler Bags – Changing How We Chill Things
Skate Gal Club – Ghana’s First All-Girls Skate Crew
4 Things to know before a Zoom Video Conferencing or Meeting
The Best Car Rental Company in Takoradi – Operic Car Rentals
Pitch Black Photography
Mg Trendz Ghana- Fashion House Of Unique Designs
5 Marketing Tips For Small Businesses That Cost 0.00 GHC
Palm Oil Improves Women’s Skin and Hair Health – JESMAK
Instagram DM now on Desktop Computers
NEITIVS Clothing
Why Mobile Money Fraud Prevalent On MTN Ghana?
Menscook Ghana – The All Males Catering Team
Think Turbans, Think Le Deedee Collections!
VistaMat Limited – House Of Building Materials
OK Mothercare – Complete Baby Care Solutions
How to Chromecast Zoom Meeting from iPhone to TV
OuiMama; The Dress Maker in Ghana
Difference Between Owned, Earned and Paid Media
7 Easy eLearning Tips for Success
Nilla Ushering Agency
How to Rethink and Re-strategize during COVID-19 Lockdown period for Young Entrepreneurs
Ways on How to Use Social Media in Marketing During COVID-19
Chin Chin Foods – Ghana’s No.1 Healthy Snack on the Go!
TerkHair – High Quality Indian Hair Solutions
Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers
3 Alluring Reasons to Drink Fresh Juice Everyday – Edi-C Juice
Business Spotlight on TikTok
Creating Adorable Fabrics With Nsano Knots (Knotties)

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Ghanaian Choreographer; Incredible Zigi’s ‘Kupe’ Dance Featured In NBA 2K20

Incredible Zigi's "Kupe"dance featured in NBA 2K20 game. Incredible Zigi's viral dance "Kupe" has been featured in the basketball sports simulation video game NBA 2K20. After being featured in a song, Zigi's "Kupe" isn't slowing down after the developers of the game, Visual Concepts put the viral dance in the MyCareer Mode (Dance and Celebration) section of the game. Watch the video below Subscribe...

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TerkHair – High Quality Indian Hair Solutions

TerkHair; an online platform offering women all over the world high-quality, virgin Indian hair from 8'' to 30". Buy quality Indian Hair with smooth textures that fits your beauty styles and needs. TerkHair ranges from body wave, afro kinky, deep wave,straight, kinky curly and loose waves. And these bundles you can get for $70 from 8 to 30 inches. TerkHair is running a running a...

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Former Majority Leader in Parliament cautions against coronavirus

GNA - A founding member of the New Patriotic Party, Mr Abraham Ossei Aidooh, a Former Majority Leader in Parliament cautions against coronavirus and asked the port authorities throughout the country to tighten security at the entre-points to ward-off threats of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The former Minister who is currently a Member of the Parliamentary Service Board and the Ghana Gas Board said although they were putting up...

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Christ in you, the Hope of Glory!

Yes, you were told that some things are not in the purview of God, and that He only handles the spiritual things; sorry...He does all things - Christ in you, then Salvation reached everywhere and there comes the hope of God's glory. To them God chose to make known how great among the Gentiles are the riches of the glory of this mystery, which is...

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Minimize restrictions on movements across borders to enhance trade

Naba Dazuur II, Divisional Chief of the Kpikpira Traditional Area in the Tempane District of the Upper East Region has appealed to government to minimize restrictions on movements across borders to enhance trade among neighbouring countries. The Chief indicated that Bimoba lands were largely in the border towns of Togo and Burkina Faso and the people desired to have easy access to their relatives across the borders but the artificial...

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Women Are Drawn To Greatness

Ray Charles was a blind nigga, all his women knew they were sharing, but there's something about greatness that makes it impossible for women to leave. You can't be Abbas Daniel, 25 from and expect loyalty from anyone until you become great. Women Are Drawn To Greatness Bob Marley's wife was the one who he called, to come get the groupies out of his room....

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